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All NAWA-products are based on the concept of optimally supporting the self healing abilities of the body in a scientifically substantiated manner. Since more than 20 years NAWA concentrates on the research of the conditions in wounds and the physiological processes in the body. Therefore NAWA has a deep understanding of the complex metabolic and biochemical processes and their correlation. The effectiveness of the products is proven by studies and testified by users. Treated right the healing process of acute and chronic wounds can be supported and infection and scar formation prevented:
  1. Cleansing ( Wundspray | NAWAlution )
  2. Treatment ( NAWAlution Gel )
  3. Covering ( ZIS-Foam | ZIS-Foam adhesive )
  4. Protection of wound edges and surrounding skin ( ELEKTROLYT-SALBE S )
With the treatment described the principles of optimal wound healing are covered:
  1. Only clean wounds can heal.
  2. The moist wound healing provides the best physiological conditions for the healing.
  3. An acidic environment in the wound enhances the healing and at the same time prevents infection.
  4. Essential trace elements support the wound healing.
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