NAWA Medical - NAWAlution Gel

NAWAlution Gel is an odorless hydrogel for the gentle cleansing, decontaminating, moisturizing and healing of acute and chronic wounds. It supports the wound healing, optimizes the environment on the wound surface (pH-level) and overcomes the chronic-stagnative wound healing phase.


The NAWAlution Gel for the optimal care of acute and chronic wounds cleanses the wound gently with simultaneously moisturization and healing and decontaminates effectively colonized and persistent contaminated wounds (e.g. MRSA). The alcohol free gel is suitable for repeated and long-term use, dermatological evaluated as harmless and compatible with products for wound care.


  • For the cleansing and moisturizing of acute and chronic wounds
  • Preserving moisturization of persistent contaminated dry and low exsudating wounds
  • For the moisturizing of dressings and bandages

Directions for use:

Rinse/Irrigate and cleanse wound first with NAWAlution to remove easy solvable contaminations. Thereafter cover the wound surface 1-2 mm thick with NAWAlution Gel or fill existing wound cavities. Also wound filler can be combinded with NAWAlution Gel and inserted into the wound. NAWAlution Gel can be left on the wound till next dressing change. The treatment should be repeated till all contaminations can be removed easily and the wound seems visually clean.


Aqua purificata, Hydroxypropyl Starch Phosphate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Trace elements (Zinc, Iron), Polyaminopropyl Biguanide (PHMB)

Packaging sizes:

10 x 5 ml single dose in plastic tube PZN: 01168262

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