NAWA Medical - Wundspray

NAWA® Medical Wundspray is a spray for the cleansing and healing of acute, non-infected wounds.


NAWA® MEDICAL Wundspray serves as a wound cleanser and provides an optimal physiological environment for the healing of postoperative and acute wounds (moisture, pH-level) and an infection prophylaxis. It is also suitable for children and with sensible skin. NAWA® MEDICAL Wundspray contains no skin irritating substances (z.B. alcohol, parfum or colorants) and can be used in the area of mouth and mucous membranes.


  • For the treatment of acute wounds (such as abrasions, minor cuts, scrapes)
  • For the treatment of burns 1. and 2. degree
  • For the painfree cleansing of the wound
  • For the enhancing of the healing
  • For the reduction of the bleeding
  • For the prevention from infections

Instructions for use:

Cleanse the wound with NAWA® MEDICAL Wundspray. Than spray it directly on the wound, repeat several times a day. If possible apply bandage or dressing and keep it moist with NAWA® MEDICAL Wundspray. For a better cooling effect store it in the refrigerator.


Trace Element Solution (Aqua Purificata, Zinc, Iron)

Packaging sizes:

50 ml ( N1) PZN: 07001008

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